Sphinx (elven_sphinx) wrote in pagan_thrift,

I've been doing some yard saling and thrift storing a bit of late and have come across a few things so far that I wanted to share with the rest of you...

-these I actually picked up at Goodwill for .99 each...if the kernels of corn are any indication of the size for you, these are rather small jars that I think would be awesome for various herbs and powders in any herbalist's cupboards.:)

-I picked up both of these fabulous abalone shells for about $3 each at Goodwill. They are quite nice sized. Not sure exactly what to do with them at this moment, but I'm storing them away for future use.:)

-another Goodwill find. Saw one of these years ago at a thrift store in another state and didn't buy it and had always kicked myself for that. This time I didn't hesitate.:D

-This clearly use to be used as some sort of perfume decanter, but I think I'll find another use for it with oils.:)
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