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Share your Wicked Finds!!
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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

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First post!:)
These are some late finds, but better than nothing right now:)

Found this last year at a local Samaritan Center, cleaned it up and turned it into a little chest for some jars of dried herbs, Tarot cards, incense, etc.

And found this at a Hospital's Consignment Sale for $10.00 a few years ago:

The rest are behind here.Collapse )
No pics. this time:(
-Sorry, no pics. this time...my digital camera died on me toward the end of this last year...I'm saving up for a new one right now.
I've got a bad habit of buying wrought iron candle holders and yet never having enough candles for them...but I found one recently that looked perfect for use as a large crystal ball stand. I don't 'yet' have a crystal ball, but I've been looking for a decorative stand, anyways. I also found a large wooden bowl and a set of 6 chalice shaped wooden cups -the bowl I plan on using for kitchen use, but the cups may be nice for ritual.

Today I found a large, heavy, bronze star tea-light candle holder. Once I clean it up I think it'll be perfect for my altar. I prefer silver, but it's such a nice looking star/candle holder...I couldn't resist it.

My altar (a seasonal altar) tends to be made up of alot of my thrift store/yard sale finds -which works nicely for me:)

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