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Thursday, December 28th, 2006

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Some of my thrift finds....

This was my Samhain altar.  Explanations:
-besom to the left is from the dollar store
-altar was from an ex's family friend (for free!)
-the brass cauldron was from a yard sale for $2
-the scrying mirror (which my ex broke so I no longer have it) was a picture from from a yard sale that I got for $1
-sun and moon candle holders are from the dollar store
-brass 3 legged bowl (holds salt) from a thrift store for a couple dollars
-black handled bell from the opportunity shop for 50 cents
-copper "cauldron" that I used for incense was from a thrift store for $1
-brass candle snuffer from the dollar store
-altar tile painted by my sister (supplies from the dollar store)
-wand made by me (willow, leather, crystal)
-silver bowl was my parents' (I use it to hold water)
-shell my father brought back from Ireland (he found it on the beach--and if you knew my dad, you would be in awe that he wanted to pick up a shell for me--LOL!)
-athame from a yard sale for $10
-brass gong, my mom got at a yard sale for $3
-chalice at the back from Liquidation World, and I painted it with a pentacle and fall leaves with glass paint
-offering bowl at the back from the opportunity shop (I think it's made of clay) for 50 cents
-small skulls from the dollar store (tea light holders)
-large skull (plastic) from Walmart for $10
-skeleton candle holder (whose hands are now broken :(  ) from San Diego (a store) for $5

My Hekate Shrine

-Frog on the left from the dollar store
-black widow athame from the army surplus ($10)
-Hekate Wheel altar tile, wood from the dollar store and I painted it
-the little stone between the athame and tile has a raven painted on it--got it in Northern Ontario for a couple bucks
-Stones to the side from various places, skeleton key from a yard sale
-copper cauldron holds a candle and some herbs, was $2 from a thrift store
-picture of Hekate I printed from card stock, and framed in a dollar store holder
-candle holder to the right was a gift from a friend
-crow feather was found
-altar covering is natural made paper (left over from making wedding invites)

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