Sphinx (elven_sphinx) wrote in pagan_thrift,

Thrifted Winter Altar

I wanted to share a photo of some of my thrift-store finds used on my Winter altar.

The two little ice-like candle holders in the front were found for about $1.50 at a local Samaritan Center...I've held onto them to use specifically on my Winter altar because they look so much like chunks of ice.
The three-legged stand with glass top in the center is actually a large candle holder that I got from the same Samaritcan Center for about $3.00, and the bronze star votive candle-holder on top of that is another thrift store find...this one was also about $3.00, I believe.
-The tan colored cauldron in the background holding the bundle of sage was found at a thrift store for about $1.00, it actually was used as a candle holder, but I burned the candle down and am now using it to hold my sage:)
The cabinet was picked up from a local thrift store and I use it hold my bottles of dried herbs, crystals, incense burners, incense, etc.
-The Greenman presiding over the altar was found at a thrift store...was supposed to be a pair for $1.00, but I could only find the one.
And lastly, the little silver cauldron with the rose in it on top of the cabinet is a silver cigarette dish which I found for $1.00 at another thrift store:)

I LOVE thrift stores!:)
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