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In this picture,

the altarcloth is a former window curtain, the incense stick holder is a little vase I got from my mom, the chalice is a pressed-glass Depression Glass goblet that used to belong to my aunt, the turtle came from a box of tea. And the votive glass I got for 10 cents. It originally was sold containing dried chipped beef. Yeah, that stuff your mom used to make SOS--creamed chipped beef on toast.

The candle tray the goddess sleeps on was sold with a brick-shaped multi-wick candle. I got it at a yard sale minus the candle for 35 cents.

The butterfly is an old Avon bottle, filled with water, a drop of alcohol and a couple drops of red food coloring. Sea salt is in a carved stone jar that originally held solid perfume. The lavender was cut along the roadside while picking up litter; it rests on a gold-rimmed china dish bought for 50 cents at a Habitat Re-store. The wand fell out of the sky--it's trimmed deadfall from a cherry tree in our yard at the old house.

The iron and amber glass votive holder was less than half-price on the returns table at a candle factory outlet. The mini-cauldron was 50 cents at a thrift store. The goddess sits in another candle tray, this one found at Goodwill for a dollar. I often fill it with sand, or crushed rock from the aquarium section in Pets at Kmart. This time it holds a slate-look ceramic tile, $2.00 at Home Depot. The besom is twigs from a winter-killed herb (lemon basil) bound to a deadfall branch from the yard. And behind the bear figure is the compass that came with our satellite tv kit, back when we could afford satellite tv.
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