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I'm so thrilled about my shelves, I wanted to share. My husband and I found the little wall shelf unit in the basement of my mom's house. They'd been built for her kitchen, but never finished and never used. There was some damage to the wood, but DH cleaned them up, painted them, and hung them in our living room in the old house to hold family photos and small decorative items. I couldn't find a place to use them in the new house, until I actually seemed to *see* the chest of drawers we'd bought off the sidewalk at a consignment shop for $25 two days before we moved, the top of which has served as my altar since we moved in here.

On the top shelf, the basket was ten cents at Goodwill in Southern Pines, NC--a souvenir as well as a bargain. Center shelf: the dark wooden box is a cigar box my FiL reused to keep stamps for his collection. It holds boxes of MorningStar incense now. The crescent moon bottle was a gift, filled with cocoa mix. The shell was a thrift store find for a couple of dollars. Bottom shelf: the tooled-top leather box on the bottom left was $5 at an antiques store in Morehead City, NC--another souvenir. The book-stack box came from an antiques mall in Greensboro, NC, and I stalked it through clearance price reductions until I felt I could afford it, hoping all the while nobody else would want it. I won! The boxes on the bottom right are repurposed notecard boxes. The mortar and pestle were found at a thrift shop in Beaufort, NC, and joining the cruet I got from my mom are a saved collection of emptied olive oil, vitamin, and cosmetic bottles refitted with corks from the hobby store.They'll soon hold herbs, oils, and decoctions.

On the altar: the iron-caged mica votive candleholder came from the clearance table at a going-out-of-business sale. The iron cauldron was fifty cents at the thrift store in Beaufort. The little turtle figure was free in a box of Red Rose teabags. The lidded carved stone jar that holds salt was a solid perfume container. The little black cat and vase sat on my mom's kitchen table, full of toothpicks; it holds incense sticks now. The clear glass tealight cups came from a candle factory outlet, as did the stag tile pillar stand--it was a return, discontinued, and marked down hugely from retail price. The stepped yellow votive glass came from the same place, part of a blue-red-purple-yellow set, for pennies on the dollar. And the scrying bowl is a black-painted metal pillar stand, thirty-five cents, from Goodwill. The Circle of Cats candleholder was retailing for $47 at a gift shop in Emerald Isle, NC. I pointed out the chipped ear of one of the cats, and got the piece for $12.99.

Blessed Samhain, and happy thrifting!
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