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This community was made because I'm continually keeping an eye out for 'magickal' or decorative items that could be used for my altar/Spiritual Space, for inspiration, or even ritual/spell work, and would love to share what I find as well as see what other people are finding and using their items for.
And I'm sure I can't be the only one who likes to see what other Pagans are finding at yard sales and thrift stores!:)

*This comm. is for 'second-hand' finds; little treasures you might pick up along the way while out shopping 'second-hand' venues.
*Things you find at Wal-Mart or other retail outlets don't really belong here. -Unless you feel it's an extremely special or interesting find, please don't post it. If you do go ahead and post things that don't look appropriate for this comm., I will delete them.
*Creative 'do-it-yourself' projects, while nice, do not belong here. There are other communities for that and one of them is listed below as a sister community to this one. -Feel free to check it out:)
*If you pick it up 'second-hand' somewhere but have to severely alter it in appearance, shape, and/or use so it'll work for your 'Spiritual Space'...then it also doesn't belong here. That would fall under the category of 'do-it-yourself' and again, another comm. for it.
-Now, if you find something that you want to use for 'Magickal' purposes but it doesn't suit you as-is, and you'd like to alter it, PLEASE feel free to share 'before and after' photos of the item.
*And whether something is expensive or in-expensive has no bearing in this comm. -it doesn't matter how much you paid for it. If you'd like to share that info., feel free to. 'Second-hand' doesn't mean "thrifty" -I can go into the Dollar General and be "thrifty".
This is about recycling someone else's item for your own 'magickal' use and purpose.

*By 'second-hand venue', I mean:
-yard/garage sales
-thrift stores i.e.: Goodwill, the Samaritan Center, etc.
-Flea markets (yes, some of that stuff is second-hand)
-dumpster diving(I don't see why not: "one person's trash/another person's treasure!")
-antique shops
-consignment shops
-estate sales

*Please be polite and respectful of other people's posts. No rude comments!
*Use LJ's standard 500x500 sizing for photos.
*Only two teaser pics. upfront but the rest go behind a cut.
*This is not a selling/buying community.
*NO advertisements of ANY kind. If you see someone posting something and you're interested in buying/trading for it, please contact them privately about it. This comm. is only for showing off your own fantastic finds!
*While I would prefer to see clear photos of what you've found, if you don't have the opportunity or ability to post photos right now, descriptions are welcome. -I'll be doing this for a little while as my digital camera is dead:(
-Thank you very much!

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A sister comm: pagan_d_i_y -For those of you who can't afford to (or don't want to) buy your magickal items, but make them yourself.

I will be adding to this community's userinfo. as time goes on. If anyone has any suggestions as to what should be added to the interests or info. please let me know. -I'm open to ideas:) If anyone would like to tinker with the layout or graphics for this comm. please contact me and let me know. I'd love to see more done to this community:)

Sphinx )O( ~Blessed Be~